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Welcome to PDQ Window Tinting , serving the Bow Valley, Columbia Valley, and beyond since 2005. 
LLumar home and office window tinting controls the sun to help you live in greater comfort. The sun can make certain rooms too hot or filled with glare and can ruin your expensive furniture and fade your hardwood floors. LLumar home and office window tinting puts the sun in its place to give you back those rooms to enjoy when you want. Plus you’ll save on cooling costs and protect your family from harmful UV rays while adding lasting value and beauty to your home. CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE IN HOME OR OFFICE CONSULTATION!

A cost effective way to reduce heat and conserve energy in your home or office. Also a good solution for UV/fade protection , privacy , and glare reduction.  Our window films reduce incoming solar load, therefore lowering air conditioning costs. The films also insulate the glass somewhat to help retain winter heat. The average window film installation will pay for itself in as little as 2-4 years in reduced energy costs. They also preserve the interior of the home, or business by reducing UV, heat and light. Many different shades and types are available to suit any preference. Solar window films keep you cool in the summer by reflecting heat while cutting out 
99% of UV on all films.  Solar window films make you more comfortable in your home or office while providing a crystal clear view of the beautiful mountains we live in! We use only high quality scratch resistant LLumar window film for all of our customers.  Eastman Chemical Company, who manufactures the LLumar line of films, is the largest film manufacurer in the world!

Protect your home or business with clear, heavy duty security film. Ideal for businesses which are prone to quick smash and grab style robberies. Security films have a high tensile strength which holds the glass together and makes it very difficult for thieves to gain access to your property. Increasing the level of home security is on the rise. Reducing the risk of home invasion is attainable simply by applying security film to ground floor windows and doors.We also have tinted security films, that will give you both Solar/Uv protection as well as security – all in one film! Security window film also blocks out 95% of UV rays which will greatly reduce fading. Also, check with your insurance provider for reduced premiums with security film present.

Ideal for offices and bathrooms and anywhere else you would like to obscure the view. There are many different colors and patterns with varying opacities available . Mountain silhouettes and borders can be added for a more
decorative look. 


Most residential installations are covered by a lifetime warranty, and most commercial installations are covered for 10 years. The products are warranted by the manufacturer against peeling, bubbling, discoloring, demetallizing, crazing, or delaminating. If the film fails to comply with the warranty, the manufacturer will replace the non-conforming or defective film (labor and materials) at no cost to the owner/purchaser. We value having a very good reputation in the business, and stand behind our product.

Invermere window tinting, canmore window tinting, banff window tinting

We deal exclusively with Llumar solar and security window films. Llumar films are second to none in the industry and can be cleaned with ammonia based cleaners such as windex. When cleaned properly with a soft cloth or paper towel these films will last a lifetime.

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